As a boutique manufacturer, Austin Bryant Moore integrates the precision craftsmanship needed for quality luxury interiors, into the proven process of scalable manufacturing.


No matter how intricate the product or design, we are able to deconstruct it into a set of tasks that can be repeated based on the volume need.

We surround ourselves with skilled craftsman

that complete interiors projects from ideation

to implementation.


Over the years we have amassed a network of extremely talented fabricators, benchmen, and artists that are proven at their craft-from all over the United States.


Founders Chad Austin and Scott Moore continue to design, engineer, and build for our clients with the wisdom of over 40 years of creating one-off furniture and casework.





A proven design starts with a concept born

from inspiration.  In most cases, initial concepts undergo re-designs, modifications, refinements, and sometimes complete overhauls that barely resemble the initial design concept.


We are in the business of facilitating that fluid creative process and developing a final design

that surpasses the clients expectations.

Working backwards from the final design concept is the process in which we identify the parts of

a whole.


Creating manageable, definable parts of a project leads to superior quality, by focusing attention to detail in each segment that will translate to the overall composition.


From reverse engineering a gazebo down to over 1,200 manufactured parts, to producing a run of 200 furniture pieces, the finite engineering of the process ensures its success.





Our facility is a climate controlled environment outfitted with necessary machinery to manufacture any aspect of today’s luxury interiors.


We are flexible enough to address various scopes of work that fit our clients’ needs.


The facility easily transitions between production-heavy projects to small batch projects-with tools from a CNC router down to a chisel and mallet.

Clients often task us with achieving textures and colors that match the intended mood they want the piece or room to elicit.


We excel in achieving fully customized finishes that are generated to match the exact touch, look, and feel that the client is looking for.


Once approved, the unique finish is extrapolated from a small sample board, onto the surface area of a 3D environment, while maintaining the level of continuity needed for an expert seamless finish.


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