Austin Bryant Moore 2013-2019

After 6 years, and a lifetime’s worth of great memories and friendships forged, ABM will be closing its doors later this year. When we founded ABM, it was based on a belief that there is room in the Nashville interiors market for a truly artisan manufacturer, one that sets itself apart through the high level of service and craftsmanship that goes into each project. That hunch was validated, and we’ve been fortunate to see multiple years of successive business growth since we first launched ABM, in May of 2013. 

The business has reached a scale that has challenged our ability to maintain our desired level of detail orientation and personalized service, which is something that is non-negotiable for ABM. Melding a personal, small boutique touch with intimate and concise planning between the architect, designer, client, and craftsman, is a crucial business point for ABM.  Meeting these demands at the larger scale we have slowly grown into, would require a drastic reimagination of our business, which at this point in my career, is a journey I’m simply unable to undertake at this time. As a father of three young children and a husband of an extremely patient wife, my priorities in life have shifted, and I’ve made the difficult decision to step away from ABM to focus my energy on new professional endeavors. I’m humbled to have served this amazing community that has nurtured our business over the years. We have the deepest gratitude to all of our customers and the amazing team I’ve been so fortunate to work alongside over the years. Thank you for everything and I hope our paths will get a chance to cross again.  


Scott M. Moore

President, Austin Bryant Moore


813 Columbia Ave. Suite C
Franklin, TN 37064

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